Is law the only thing I can do?

Actually no. In addition to the odd legal case here and there (some of which I can’t mention due to various clauses), I spin, swim, box, rock climb and do aerial silks. I couldn’t ever just work, go home, eat, drink and go to sleep. You all have the potential to do amazing things but you need to take more risks and do new things.

I’m always looking into new things and hopefully, i’ll have more non law related surprises for all of you in the first half of 2018. Let’s just say I won’t have to tell you when it happens 😉

Third case

Ketan Aggarwal V EE

Also not in the papers and was a more challenging but rewarding one.

I was turned down for various credit applications and found out that it was because EE left negative information on credit report out of negligence. Someone was meant to apply a £36 credit to my account but couldn’t be bothered to and so ruined my credit file. I complained to EE and was told i’d get a manager callback but no one did so guess what? Yep…. Legal proceedings 😀

I argued in court that under the data protection act section 13.2, EE as a data controller acted negligently and it meant I couldn’t get credit as result. EE didn’t dispute that they had acted negligently but said the amount that should be awarded should have been negligible. The judge awarded me £1000 in compensation plus legal expenses coming to a total of £1628.28 –


Correct me if i’m wrong but i think i’m getting good at law now :p

Second case

Ketan Aggarwal V John Lewis and acting solicitors DWF Law

This case wasn’t in the papers so i’ll go into detail on this one

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone after receiving the compensation from my previous case –image1.png

However John Lewis didn’t have the phone in stock so I asked for a refund. They, however refused to refund the order after taking full payment. I complained and escalated the complaint all the way up to the management board but the answer was still a no. Let the legal proceedings commence!

They instructed DWF Law to defend the case. DWF did not file the paper work in the correct amount of time and so I applied for a default judgment. Judgment was granted but they still refused to pay up. I then instructed Bailiffs. Nice aren’t I? :p

At this point their solicitors, DWF law asked for my help (you’re probably wondering why they asked for my help at this point and I don’t know but found it hilarious). When I refused to help them, they started to send me threatening letters which I ignored. Eventually the case went to court, DWF and John Lewis got a telling off and they were ordered to refund the money they had taken and not provided anything for –



Yay! Took me a court case and 6 months to get a refund for something which they never provided but I got there in the end 😀