Second case

Ketan Aggarwal V John Lewis and acting solicitors DWF Law

This case wasn’t in the papers so i’ll go into detail on this one

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone after receiving the compensation from my previous case –image1.png

However John Lewis didn’t have the phone in stock so I asked for a refund. They, however refused to refund the order after taking full payment. I complained and escalated the complaint all the way up to the management board but the answer was still a no. Let the legal proceedings commence!

They instructed DWF Law to defend the case. DWF did not file the paper work in the correct amount of time and so I applied for a default judgment. Judgment was granted but they still refused to pay up. I then instructed Bailiffs. Nice aren’t I? :p

At this point their solicitors, DWF law asked for my help (you’re probably wondering why they asked for my help at this point and I don’t know but found it hilarious). When I refused to help them, they started to send me threatening letters which I ignored. Eventually the case went to court, DWF and John Lewis got a telling off and they were ordered to refund the money they had taken and not provided anything for –



Yay! Took me a court case and 6 months to get a refund for something which they never provided but I got there in the end 😀

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